Science Fun for Kids

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Warning: We are not your average science program. All of our elements are innovative, inspiring and engaging.

May contain extreme amounts of fun and discovery.

Nous parlons français. Les ateliers sont disponibles pour les classes francophones.

At HT-Science Made Fun, we love science and when kids are having a blast! Our goal is simple: to stimulate minds, nurture imaginations and activate the curiosity of children through quality, scientific discovery. With more than 70,000 children from elementary schools, middle schools, science camps and parties participating in our science programs last year, we can earnestly say we hope to encourage a lifelong love of science in BC's children.

The HT-Science Made Fun Team is made up of passionate people who love working with and encouraging learning in children. Our professional educators have a Science or Teaching Degree, a minimum of 4 years experience working with children. Click to learn more about our spectacular scientists!

With innovative and engaging activities, our programs incorporate curriculum-based science experiments and concepts with an immense amount of delight and laughter. When was science ever this fun? Experience the grins and learning firsthand with your classroom or child!

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"When I grow up I want to be a scientist too!" - Hannah, age 7

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